Induction of labor

Induction is one of the most abused interventions in obstetrics. It is recommended for a variety of reasons.

Examples of this are:

  • ruptured membranes and no contractions after 24-72 hours
  • an expected growth-restricted child
  • severe high blood pressure of the mother
  • more than 42 weeks pregnant

Less good reasons to induce are:

  • you are 42 weeks on Sunday and we prefer not to induce during the weekend, so come in on Friday.
  • an estimated big baby
  • mother who sleeps badly, is tired, etc.

Induction is no easy ride. You are committed to the bed, connected to all kinds of surveillance equipment.  So your freedom of movement is limited. That increases the need for pain relief. Induced contractions are generally more painful and less effective than spontaneous contractions. You are more likely to end up with an instrumental delivery, a haemorrhage or even a cesarean section (especially if you are a first-time mom).

In short: if an induction is recommended and you are not so convinced, take some time to think about it. Use the BRAIN method and perhaps, if possible, consult with another care provider.

What is the induction procedure? That depends on various factors, the softness of your cervix, whether it concerns your first or the next baby. What is best for you will be discussed with and explained in detail to you.