To correct

Failure to progress can be corrected. 

If your membranes have not ruptured spontanously your midwife will suggest to perform an amniotomy, Amniotomy is artificially rupturing the membranes with a  special plastic amniotomy hook . That doesn’t hurt but you will feel a bit of warm water dripping over your buttocks.. 

This often gives labor a push in the right direction. The contractions will not necessarily become more painful, but more effective, so labor progresses well.  You can walk around, sit on the birthing ball, or have a shower,  whatever you like. 

On TV a laboring woman is always lying in bed waiting for a doctor to come in and  save her baby, but in reality lying on the bed is not the best position during labor. Many women find that they can cope better when they sit up, stand or walk around

Your midwife will coach during labor.