The midwife

Modern young women get the message loud and clear: ‘pregnancy is very dangerous. It is debatable whether you will bring it to a good end. Fortunately, we have lots of high tech to keep an eye on your baby. We cannot trust you to notice and interprete signs of  your body correctly. And concerning your labor: just hope for the best. Pain relief and technology are at hand . Hopefully you will succeed. And if not, we have plan B, a cesarean. “

The self-confidence of women is systematically undermined. 

Midwives are trained to enhance self-confidence.  Of course you can give birth, just like your mother and your grandmothers did. Your midwife is there to support you and help you. Supporting you is the most important part of the midwive’s job. This means that you need to bond with your midwife. 

Sadly, today this is rather difficult. Previously, midwives were often unmarried women who were available for their clients day and night. They knew the whole village. Often they had helped several generations. Modern midwives are married, have a family and a social life beside their jobs. This means that midwives often work in shifts. They work in group practices and these can vary in size considerably. If you are booked with a large group practice it is difficult to bond with 8 different midwives.

For midwives too, this system is often unpleasant. It’s nice to be able to combine work and family but often midwives wish they had more time for women.  The 21st century system is failing both women and midwives.

Independent midwives usually provide very personal care but this comes with a price tag.