To support

Good support is  unbelievably important for a good birth. Half of your birth happens between your ears instead of under your bellybutton. Support begins during your pregnancy when ideally the bond between mother-to-be and midwife starts developing.

As your body knows how to breathe, digest food and pump blood, your body also knows how to give birth. We call this parasympathetic processes. You can order your hand to pick up an object and tighten your muscles consciously when it is heavier than you thought. But you can’t give a command to your heart to beat faster or your bowels to work harder. 

Parasympathetic processes however can be disturbed. When someone experiences a  great fright, the popular saying is: ‘my heart stood still’ . In a strange environment, many people have trouble going to the toilet. They do not feel at ease and their body responds to this.In this short clip you will see clearly how a parasympathetic process is disrupted.