The partogram is the graphical record of labor in time. The  partogram begins at the moment the diagnosis of labor is confirmed by your careprovider. The time prior to the diagnosis is not taken into account.

If the first exam reveals 4cm dilatatation the partogram begins at 4cm on the vertical axis, which corresponds with zero hour on the horizontal axis.

The partogram is a prospective tool, not an optional graph to be made in retrospect when your labor has stalled long enough. 

This way it is quite visible for everyone  if  labor is progressing normally. Altough simplicity is the key here, still not every doctor or midwife uses this  tool.

The partogramapp is based on this book Proactive Support of Labor. This book is written for professionals such as midwives and obstetricians. It gives a comprehensive  explanation of the causes of failure to progress and how to correct it evidence based..